Long Gold Coin Necklace


Smooth gold coins float along this 46 inch long necklace at 2 1/2 intervals. You can wear it at its ultra long length or wrap it around your neck a couple times for a shorter style necklace.

made with 14k gold filled chain and wire. Brushed coins are gold vermeil.



GOLD-FILLED - 14k Gold filled is considerably durable and considered a lifetime piece of jewelry. This is NOT gold plated or gold dipped vermeil jewelry which can chip off over time with wear. Gold filled metal is essentially a 14k gold tube filled with an inner core metal such as brass and has been mechanically bonded with high very hot heat. It will never chip or flake off such as gold plated metals. There is over 100 times more gold in 14k gold filled jewelry in comparison to a mere thin coat of paint in gold plated or vermeil jewelry.

STERLING SILVER- Sterling silver jewelry is made with genuine silver.

ALL STONES- Stones are natural entities; therefore no two pieces are exactly the same.

Materials: 14kgoldfilledchain,14kgoldfilledwire,brushed gold coins

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