Some of our pieces are made with raw brass or copper. When left raw these metals have the tendency to naturally patina and age over time. We love this about brass, and feel it gives each piece character, but if you prefer to keep your piece in the original bright gold form, store in an airtight container or use a gentle brass/ bronze cleanser or polish when needed to bring it back to a bright state.

Sterling and Fine Silver

When worn regularly, silver usually keeps it bright state. If kept out for periods of time, even unworn it can tarnish and the way it tarnishes depends on the climate you live in. You can easily rid your silver jewelry of tarnish with a simple polish, but we recommend wearing your jewelry often to naturally prevent this. 

14k Gold Fill

Our pieces, such as ear hooks on earring styles are made of gold fill. Gold fill is made from solid gold which is 'filled' with other alloys. Unlike gold plate, It will not flake, and the surface will not turn your fingers like brass can do. The finish and surface of gold fill has the same properties of solid gold because it is gold. Please care for your gold fill pieces just as you would a gold piece of jewelry. Gently polish by hand with a clean cloth or soak in warm dish soap.

Solid 14k Gold

Our solid 14k gold is created from recycled precious metal. Gently polish by hand with a clean cloth. Ultrasonic cleaners are safe for use and even a soft toothbrush and a squirt of Dawn dish soap and warm water can go a long way in helping your jewelry shine again. 

It's a good idea to remove your jewelry and place it somewhere safe before working out, swimming, showering, or getting your hands dirty in general.